A Dance With Death

A Dance with Death

You stand before me, waiting.

I stare at your burning hand.

Interested, I take it in my own.

Am I a fool? Or am I brave?

Asexual pair waltzing together,

Uninterested in the bodies left behind.

No longer confined in my cell,

Not chained to my prison.

Round and round we go,

Embracing in a passionate dance.

Side stepping bodies we continue,

Down the smouldering walkway.

No longer do I hear,

The numbing buzz of silence.

The world is alive,

With music that excites my core.

Your hand on my waist is hot,

Leaving a print on my naked soul.

I am dipped low to the glowing coals;

I see your face for the first time.

I have no more breath to give but,

Am I not free?

-Ashleigh Tucker

Published by ashleight607

I'm a 23 year old studying writer with Cystic fibrosis. I have two cats and a dog and live in a small town in the Highlands.

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