NaPoWriMo: Day 17

Come to play

Have you ever asked-

The devil to play?

Asked him to come,

For a game of hide and seek.

Ten, nine, eight, seven-

He counts with closed eyes.

Voice echoing through your body,

Freezing you to the floor.

Six, five, four-

Hellfire melts the ice.

As you search for hiding spot.

That allows you to keep your soul.

Three, two-

Curled up in a ball.

The air settles around you,

In a numbing silence.


The door opens,

And the game has begun.

The devil has come to play.


Published by ashleight607

I'm a 23 year old studying writer with Cystic fibrosis. I have two cats and a dog and live in a small town in the Highlands.

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