NaPoWriMo: Day 30

The call

As their descendants,

the waves call us.

The sea calls for us to return.

To enter the frozen water,

that nips our skin and paints us blue.

The tang of salt is piled on our food,  

And each time we crave more.

It’s a taste so familiar.

The moon calls us to the shores.

To strip off our skins and dance.

Oblivious to the chill of prying eyes.

Just as they done long before us.

That’s why we are stranded here.

In the past they were naïve.

They were all to easy to steal from.

Without their skin they were beached,

Unable to return to their home.

Trapped to live on two legs,

To search for their stolen furs.

Until they could no more.

We were born from those imprisoned.

Born with one skin;

When we were promised two.

We can submerge ourselves,

But we cannot dive deep,

to return home as the cries command.

The sea weeps for us,

To be returned to her embrace,

And for our stolen ancestors.

As their descendants,

The waves call to us-

The lost ones.


Thank you for all the support throughout this month. I hope the support continues far into the future. Comment down below what myth you think this poem is based on and let me know what you think.

NaPoWriMO: Day 28

How Long

Day and night merge,

The days are long.

Isolated for months,

Will it be possible-

To return to normal?

Will this all be forgotten?

Our time spent apart.

Will we carry on,

as if it was all a dream?

Or will we remember it,

as we do our nightmares.

Will it linger-

In the depths of our mind.

Or will it disappear-

gone, Forever.

When will this be irrelevant?

A month, a year or a decade.

How long has it been?

What day is it?


NaPoWriMo: Day 24

Take the mask off,

when we speak;

there is no need to hide.

There is no judgement here.

What do you think at night?

When the lights are off,

And the world is quiet.

Do you think about the world?

And the secrets it clutches.

Or is it just the buzz of silence?

Until you fall into a dreamless slumber.

Do you sing in the shower?

Dance in the kitchen?

Or are those things never done.

Do you stop to smell the roses?

Or do your eyes water in Spring.

Duvet over your feet or off?

Left side, or right?

Milk before or after?

Dogs or cats?

Do you dip the biscuit-

in your tea?

Take the mask off,

when we speak;

there is no need to hide.


NaPoWriMo: Day 22


I’ve tried running from the mess I made.

The mess I made inside my head.

I pretend that it isn’t there,

It doesn’t exist; the mess I made.

I smile, laugh and go outside,

While the mess I made becomes a clutter.

I snap and cry and become someone else,

While the mess I made spills out into the world.

No matter how hard I try I cannot contain it.

I’ve tried running from the mess I made.

The mess I made inside my head.

But the mess I made, is built for marathons.

I can only do a sprint.