NaPoWriMo: Day 20

Midnight walk

It is late and I’m enjoying,

Bathing in the moonlight.

Then the door opens,

And out you come,

Accompanied by ‘it’.

Down the path and along the street.

I watch as you leave.

Where are you going?

Do you realise the time?

You cannot see in the dark,

Without the trees of light;

And sometimes they do not work.

I leave my domain to follow you.

It’s not safe for you at night.

You notice me following,

And decide to take the lead.  

I dip in and out of cars,

Run ahead to the corner.

Coming back to check on you,

When ‘it’ decides to stop.

I sit and wait and wait and wait…

I tell ‘it’ to hurry,

Pushing my body against hers.

She doesn’t seem to understand;

It’s not safe for you at night.

Its not safe for her either.

By the time we’re on the move again.

We are being followed.

It stalks us from across the road.

I get ready for a fight.

You try to call my name,

Not wanting me to make a fuss,

but I cannot ignore them.

They might be able to match the mutt-

But I am twice their size.

Easily, I chase them off,

Without resorting to violence.

We continue the night-time stroll.  

Just a few more corners,

And you will be home and safe.

Did you really think,

I would entrust your safety to the mutt.


The cat.


NaPoWriMo: Day 17

Come to play

Have you ever asked-

The devil to play?

Asked him to come,

For a game of hide and seek.

Ten, nine, eight, seven-

He counts with closed eyes.

Voice echoing through your body,

Freezing you to the floor.

Six, five, four-

Hellfire melts the ice.

As you search for hiding spot.

That allows you to keep your soul.

Three, two-

Curled up in a ball.

The air settles around you,

In a numbing silence.


The door opens,

And the game has begun.

The devil has come to play.


NaPoWriMo: Day 16

Midnight Monsters

It is fun to walk in sync

with the monsters.

Under the moon,

In a spotlight of truth.

Banished to the dark,

they play with your mind.

They think they can scare you,

With a voice and scream.

But when you look up,

Past the fog of your breath.

You see they protect,

A spectacular sight.

That’s when you realise

That sometimes monsters-

are misunderstood.


NaPoWriMo: Day 13

Just us.

It used to be the three of us,

And the days were long and perfect.

We would cuddle in your bed all night;

And on the chair all day.

Then you brought ‘it’ home,

And the peace was disturbed.

She tried to take my place to lie,

To take my place by your side.

She steals my food and my bed,

Wherever I am she lurks.

My sister sometimes likes her,

Even indulges in her games.

I watch her from the garden wall,

As she swallowed the gift,

I caught for you.

Today I’ve had enough.

I have one request; please I beg.

Lets go back to just us.

Can we return the mutt?

Sincerely the cat.